Sunday, May 23, 2010

books for breakfast

so i wake up at 6:30am to find benjamin my wolf puppy eating a large college history book for breakfast. i made the big mistake of leaving it on the living room coffee table. once i got that away from him i got him and charly the german shepard into the truck and off to the dog park to let them run around and hopefully get all tuckered out.
there where 2 small little dogs that my dogs seemed to get along with fine. the owner of these small dogs was a very elderly sweet man.
He started to tell me the story of how is little white dog yani didn't like any kind of toys but only liked playing with sticks. so the elderly man made his little dog a very special stick. it was all sanded down and smooth and he even wood burned yani's name into it!
you have never seen such a happy little dog prancing around the dog park with its special stick.
well here comes along my GIANT 7 month old wolf puppy and he wants the stick! he grabs it right out of the little white dogs mouth.
i told benjamin to drop it and that it was rude to steal things but the elderly man said no no no let him play to its quite alright.
benjamin looked at me and the old man and within about 4 seconds he took 3 big chomps of that stick while shards of wood flew out of his mouth! it was horrifying. the little white dog just stared totally devistated.
once benjamin was done chomping up his stick he just trotted away like nothing had happened.
i looked at the old man and said i'm so sorry. he looked sad and said " well thats ok i'll make another one".
wolf pups are a lot of stinking trouble. but i still love him more then anything!

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  1. OMG! hahahaha how sad, poor Yani. My lab puppy loves to shred anything she can get her paws on. *smh*